Annoying Fire Ants and Garden Pesticides

Fire ants are a quite aggressive breed of ant that lives in mounds in the ground. These mounds can show up in your garden, yard or other are. When anything disturbs the mounds the fire ants will swarm over it whether it is an animal or human. There have been rare cases of death, because of so many fire ants stinging at once. Garden Pesticides have to be used that are specially designed to get rid of these ants.

Millions of people each year suffer with fire ants stings in certain parts of the United States. These stings can be quite painful and some people have allergic reactions to them. Any yard, field, garden, park or playground can become infested with them. They typically have lived in the southern part of the country, but have migrated to more states than they were in some years ago.

Since they are social insects fire ants live in large groups. Their mounds are full of tunnels where they build nests to have their babies and raise them away from predators. Very seldom is a person attacked by just one fire ant. Instead the whole community shows up to do the attack. This is why it takes a special fire ant pesticide to treat the mounds instead of the typical Garden Pesticides. The right solution kills of the whole community preventing them from just moving to another part of the yard to leave the treated mound.

How to Recognize Fire Ants

These ants have a dark reddish brown body and head with an even darker abdomen. They range for 1/16 inch to 1/5 inch in length. Their mounds could grow to over 15 inches in height and can go as deep as 5 feet into the ground. If these mounds are disturbed, fire ants will be quite aggressive attacking the nearest animal or person. Their stings cause pain and make small raised welts on the skin.

If you are not sure if you are dealing with fire ants, use a long-handled rake or long stick to bother the mound. Fire ants will come out in large numbers. The will attack the object bothering their home.

Tips for Treating for Fire Ants

1. Get one of the home insecticides that are designed for fire ants.

2. Treat mounds as soon as you spot them in your yard, do not allow them to become too large.

3. The special Garden Pesticides meant for eliminating fire ants are most effective when applied in dry conditions. Rain and moisture can reduce the effectiveness of these pesticides.

4. The soil should be at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit or more for treatment to be of optimum effect.

5. Periodically, check the yard to make sure you catch any new mounds that crop up you will need to keep watch all season in some climates, and in other climates where it is warm your round, you will need to keep watch all year. Keep some home insecticides for fire ants handy at all times.

6. Some solutions can be used over the whole yard if necessary 3 to 4 times a year. These leave a residue that keeps killing fire ants.

7. There are those Garden Pesticides that can be used just on one mound at a time. This keeps you from treating the whole area for 1 or 2 hills a season.

Do not let fire ants take over your yard. They are so simple to treat on your own. There is no need to bring in high-priced professionals. You can even buy the right Garden Pesticides online to get the job done.

By Doppler