Indoor Ant Control

Controlling ants inside the home can be a difficult task  and often frustrating, interior pest control issue for a lot of homeowners…ants! They get into and onto everything it seems. Food, clothing, countertops, cabinets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs…the list goes on and on. How do we get rid of them? Many people spin their wheels and waste their money using products that will never, ever, fix the problem. What do most people do when they see some of these pesky bugs crawling all over the counter?  They pick up the ol’ bug spray. Usually Raid, or some other equally useless product is the weapon of choice. Now, I don’t mean to sit here and tell you that Raid won’t kill ants. It definitely does. But get rid of the problem? No way. Raid (or equivalent) kills what you spray on contact. And it does leave a residue for residual control. However, Raid is also a repellent. It repels the ants that remain in the wall away from the area you sprayed. They simply just start coming out of a different area. Hence: the problem never ends. You buy more Raid.

The real solution…. Control of ants on the interior can actually be quite easy. You just need to use the correct products. And yes, I said products. There is no one magic cure all that you apply and the problem goes poof. But several of them combined may seem like magic. The first thing you should do is throw out the Raid. Next, pick up some professional ant bait. My personal favorite happens to be a product made by Dupont. It’s called Advion ant gel. It contains .05% of an active ingredient called Indoxicarb. This bait is labeled for many different ants. Read the label prior to purchase to assure that your ant is covered, but 99 times out of a hundred, Advion will do the trick. The bait comes in a box with 4, 30gm syringes. Apply the bait in small dots (not huge blobs), and short, thin lines, in the areas where ants are active. Refer to label for exact areas allowed. Make sure not to have any strong soaps, household chemicals or strong tobacco odors on your hands that may contaminate the bait. This is an important rule of thumb when handling any bait, as all of them are good at sucking up chemical odors, and becoming ineffective to the pests you want to control at that point. I also tell our customers not to spray any cleaners in the vicinity where the bait was applied to assure again, that it doesn’t become contaminated before it has a chance to work. Next, I like to use a product called Maxforce Fine granules. It comes in a 10 oz. Bottle and contains 1% Hydromethylnon. I like to take some bait plates (basically DIY bait stations), and fill them with a little of this product. As well as removing switch plates in the areas of activity and applying some with a straw into the wall voids. This assures that the ants have a choice of foods. Assure prior to baiting that there is no competition for food, like food crumbs, dirty sink, etc… This makes the whole process go a lot faster. Make their only choices your bait!

Now the problem came from somewhere, so lets address that area…the exterior. Any good product like Demand CS, or Bifen I/T will work well to cut off exterior populations from the walls of your home. Just apply it according to label directions around the perimeter, and viola! No ants! Also consider treating the yard for even better control.

When addressed properly, control can be achieved easily and with minimal effort. It just takes the knowledge. Happy Hunting!