Pest Control And Your Pets

Pest control and pets tend to go hand in hand.  If you’re not treating the house or yard for pests, you may well be treating your pet for pests he’s encountered.  If you’ve discovered evidence of fleas, or ants, or some other pesky intruder into your home and you have pets in your home, you may just want to make sure you think twice before deciding on your pest control treatment.  You certainly don’t want Buster or Spot to get into any chemicals, or have to worry about lingering effects on your precious pooch or kitten.  Fortunately, there are often pest control options to look into that don’t include hazards to your pets. 

Flea treatment options for green pest control and pets: You can try a simple soap and water, or shampoo and water option for this option of pest control and pets.  You’ll likely need to work much harder at this option than just treating with a flea poison, but it has the benefit of being more gentle to your pet and the environment.  You’ll need to take the soapy water and comb through your pet’s fur, removing the fleas one by one.

Mosquito treatment options for green pest control and pets:  First, be sure to dry up or empty sources of standing water, so you aren’t issuing an invitation to your yard.  After that you have some different options you can try.  Mosquito sentry(TM) is a “green” choice you can use to repel mosquitoes from your yard.  The system is automated, and the plant based dry vapor system can protect an area 30’x30′.  You can use multiple systems to protect larger areas, as well.  Marigolds in your garden may help repel mosquitoes and other flying insects, as well.

Fly treatment options for green pest control and pets: Again you want to consider what you can do in order not to attract the flies in the first place.  Check for holes in screening, and don’t leave unscreened windows and doors open.  You can make your own fly strips by spreading molasses on poster board.  Just cut the paper into strips, spread the molasses, and hang the strips.  Bay leaves, as well as mint, may also be used effectively against flies.

Ant treatment options for green pest control and pets: Lots of ants like sweet stuff, so be sure you’re cleaning up those juice spills quickly.  Ants will supposedly not cross a chalk line, so if you have some chalk handy, you can give it a try.  Another natural ant repellent is cinnamon.  Black pepper, and even vinegar are other possible solutions to your ant problem.

Some of these treatments may work better than others, so you may need to try more than one option for treatment.  You have the advantage of knowing though, that you won’t be harming the environment, and won’t be leaving poisons out where your pets can get to them.  Different pests may respond to different treatments, and some may be useful for more than one type of pest.