Be Cautious When Using Pest Control Products

When looking for pest control products there are many factors to consider. Selecting the right type is equally as important because it governs how successful eliminating the unwanted pest can be.

The composition of the home environment is of primary importance when selecting pest control products. Do children live there or animals? Is there a backyard garden where food grown is grown or a water source that could easily become contaminated?

For example a rat is a common household pest problem. Rats are extremely destructive pest to have in a home. They often destroy electrical systems, furniture and appliances, such as dishwashers. There are multiple rat poisons on the market to handle these type problems. There are open powders, contained sacks as well as traps and glue type solutions to choose from.

If there is a dog or cat, do not place open rat poison around the house or yard where it was accessible to the dog or cat. Rat poison is highly toxic to domestic animals because it works the same way on the dog as it does the rat, dehydrating them. Often veterinarians see animals that have consumed rat poison by consuming the rat itself. Smaller dogs are more susceptible to this type of problem so great care should be taken to protect a small dog, cat or other pet.

Particularly if there are pets or young children in the home or even near the area with a rat infestation using an alternative pest control product such as contained plastic sacks is a better solution. These poisoned sacks are often thrown in attics which, though inaccessible to children and household pets, target the actual places where rats live. The rats gnaw through the packaging and again suffer the effects of dehydration, usually dying in the attic away from small pets and children. When choosing a method to control these rodents, all these items must absolutely be considered when children or domestic animals live in the house.

Another alternative method  of rodent control that is safe for children and animals but harmful for rats is traps. There are larger mousetraps available designed specifically for rats and can be placed in attics or garages where small children or animals are not likely to find them. These traps are designed to snap the neck of a rat as it takes the bait. Children’s fingers can easily be injured if these are placed where children can reach them. Natural curiosity can lead to a nasty injury.

Lastly there are also full lines of organic pest control products that are safe for children and dogs to be around but are sometimes not as effective. One example of this would be the glue traps, which can be messy, but are also very safe for humans and family pets. These actually trap the rat in thick glue from which it cannot escape. These are best used in the eaves of garages or other like places because the trapped rat does take a while to die and will need to be disposed of to avoid odor.

Regardless of your location or the conditions surrounding your home and family, there are several good pest control products on the market for you to choose from to help your remove unwanted pests invading your home.