Bedlam Bed Bug Spray kills bugs dead! find out how here

When infested with bed bugs, Bedlam Bug Spray is the perfect pest control solution, especially since they affect your comfort zone, and your sleep. They are an ever-growing problem in the United States, but they don’t need to be a problem in your own home. It is important to stop the problem as soon as it hits. With the right knowledge of these critters and a reliable insecticide you’ll be well on your way to living bug free once again. These pests spend a majority of their time in hiding, whether it’s in your mattresses, bedding, furniture, curtains or baseboards. This is because they are nocturnal creatures that only come out at night to feed. They feed solely on human blood, leaving behind red, irritated skin on its victims. They are hard to detect as the adult critters measure only about a quarter of an inch, and when empty, they are nearly transparent in color. After feeding they have a brownish-red color and become a bit larger in size. Their small size allows them to hide in the smallest of cracks, making their elimination that much more challenging. If they have moved into your territory, it’s time to use all possible methods to get rid of them. You must first completely clean the area, including a thorough vacuuming and washing of any effected linens. Next, it is essential to use a highly effective insecticide such as Bedlam Bed Bug Spray to not only kill these critters on contact, but also to provide residual control to your space. This product is a do it yourself pest control spray that is water based and non-irritating in nature, allowing for its safe use on your mattresses and bedding, although It is not to be sprayed directly on animals or humans. When thoroughly applied to every affected crack, it will continue to be effective for up to two weeks. It may be necessary to reapply to the area on a regular basis, depending on the vulnerability of your area to re-infestation. As an added incentive, Bedlam Bug Spray will control any lice, dust mites, and fleas that it comes in contact with. Try these products today and don’t lose another nights sleep. Contact your local pest control company to determine the products that work best in your area. They’ll also be able to help you with ant and  roach control, rodent control, even termite and green pest control. Call today and never let the bed bugs bite again!