Bedlam Bug Spray

Bedlam Bug Spray is just what you need on hand when those unwanted pests infest your home. Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly large problem in this country, and when gone undetected they will quickly populate any space in large quantities rather quickly. It is crucial to find a quick yet effective pest control treatment to alleviate the infestation as soon as it hits. There are a number of insecticides on the market today to tackle such a problem, including the aerosol Bedlam Bed Bug spray.

These pests are also referred to as bed mites, and they are nocturnal creatures that hide in many places within your home. They are commonly found in your mattresses or bedding, but may also be found in carpet, furniture, curtains, wall baseboards, and even luggage if transported from a remote location. They are very small, with the adult critter measuring about a quarter of an inch, so they easily fit in the smallest cracks and holes in your home making their detection even more challenging. They are wingless and appear to be transparent until they have fed on human blood, which then gives them a brownish-red color. Those that fall victim to their feeding frenzy end up with red, irritated skin that can result in further reactions and infections.

Having detected that they are living amongst you is disturbing enough, but when considering the many sleepless nights they can cause as well, you realize the urgent need to get rid of them. There are a number of pest control methods you can use to get rid of them and minimize the likelihood of them returning. Before using an insecticide such as Bedlam Bed Bug Spray, you should thoroughly clean and de-clutter the areas they are occupying. This should include vacuuming cracks, holes, and other hiding places completely, as well as washing any effected linens. Once you have completed your meticulous cleaning, it is time to apply a reliable bed bug insecticide. They are offered in dust and spray options and should be chosen based on your specific needs.

A popular and dependable choice to use is Bedlam Bug Spray, which is an aerosol treatment manufactured by MGK. It is a do-it-yourself insecticide product that is perfect for any home, apartment, dormitory, or hotel. It is a perfect treatment to be applied on all affected surfaces, from your baseboards and walls, to your curtains and furniture. It is a mild, water-based formula that is non-irritating, allowing for its safe application on any bedding and/or mattress as well. In addition, this product will not cause staining on your water safe fabrics. Although this insecticide should not be sprayed directly on human or animals, when applied to every crack and crevice it kills them on contact and continues to have residual pest control for quite some time. It will keep them from entering for up to two weeks following the application, so regular treatments may be necessary, depending on the extent of your problem. This insecticide is also considered to be effective for killing any lice, dust mites, fleas, and ticks you may have.

When these pests have moved into your living space, it is crucial to do what’s necessary to not only get rid of them quickly, but to make certain they won’t return. Bedlam Bug Spray will do its part and kill those critters instantly, but then it’s your turn! It is important to maintain a clean, germ-free environment that will not attract bed bugs in the future.