Finding the Best Rat Bait

best rat bait for you may be either granules, rodenticides or a number of different traps. Experimenting with a variety of baits will allow you to determine which is going to be most effective for your rodent control problem.  Rats will basically set up residence in almost any man made building or structure with food and water. That’s why good rat control products and a preventative program is so useful.

Rat bait stations are very popular because they are generally safe for handling by humans; they will also be safe for pest as long as you put them well out of their reach. Some types of bait stations even come with a lid that locks once the pest is inside. This keeps you from having to touch the rodent to get rid of it, so it is also quite sanitary and it also keeps small children and pets away from the bait.

The best rat bait usually come in either granules or blocks in a variety of active ingredients that let you rotate your use of them.  And as for the trap that you will be baiting, take a look online to see what the different types are to choose from. You will find the classic snap trap, glue traps, and the bait stations. There are also humane rat traps that will keep the rodent alive inside for you to safely relocate it. The choice will be yours, but it is a good idea to gain some knowledge and understanding of what the various options are when it comes to getting rid of these pests.

One of your best sources of rat control information for your area is from your local do it yourself pest control store. The experts there can help your find the best, most cost efficient products and methods for all of your pest control problems. Roach control, flea control, and even termite control can be affordable if you know the right products to use and maintain a quarterly do it yourself pest control regimen.