Choosing The Correct Termite Insecticide

Termite insecticide is a crucial element in eliminating any destructive colony of termites you find yourself up against. These pests, which are also known as white ants, can cause costly damage to your home and its contents. They are small, pale in color, and can simply go unnoticed until the damage is quite substantial. As with ants, they belong to extensive colonies and work in an organized fashion as they seek out their food source, which happens to be the cellulose found in wood. With so much of our homes and furniture made up of this material, it is crucial to identify the pests and take action immediately, before the damage is beyond repair.

Discovering hollow sounding wood in your home, tunnel-like mud tubes in your walls and along your floorboards, and finding discarded insect wings from swarms can all be signs that your building has been infested with termites. The main entry point is generally the foundation, and should be addressed first in your attack plan. Termite insecticides can be an extremely effective method in eradicating your pest control problem. Also referred to as termiticide, these chemicals can be poured directly into a shallow trench in the soil around your foundation. This will provide a poisonous barrier between the pests and your home. If the problem is extensive already, drilling into the foundation itself to apply the pesticide may be necessary. Either way, these solutions are designed to not kill on contact, but rather to be brought back to the rest of the colony to eradicate the whole mass as it is shared. Other pest control options that can be used alone or in combination with each other include baiting with the termite insecticide, laced wood, and professionally administered fumigation.

Once the termites have been eliminated it is critical to prevent against further infestations. By filling small cracks in your foundation and walls, eliminating moisture and standing water from in and around your home, and removing sources of potential food can be helpful in protecting your home for years to come.