Cockroach Control

For optimum cockroach control, think about your yard and the area surrounding your home. Keeping your yard free of debris is a very important task, as they love to nest and find protection in large brush piles and wood. Another important step would be making sure that the water pipes around your home are not leaking, as well as keeping empty containers turned upside down so they do not collect water. Since water helps in sustaining life, this is a key component to keeping pests at a minimum. Keep your windows and doors caulked as it only takes a very tiny hole for them to enter your home. Keep all garbage cans covered with a lid so the food and debris are not attracting unwanted visitors. These steps will also help you in your rodent control efforts.

Cockroach control can see like a very tough task, however, if you make a conscious effort in making your home less attractive to them, by keeping it cleared of clutter, and free from food particles, you have already won half the battle. Cockroaches love paper, so make sure you keep your recycling bin emptied so they don’t lay their eggs in the papers. They are also attracted to wood, so make sure you keep any firewood stored away from your home and foundation. And be sure to shake it off before you bring it in your home. Check with your local do it yourself pest control supplier and talk with them about the most effect pest control products for ridding your home of the infestation. Just make sure you keep your home clean and free of standing water so you aren’t inviting them into an environment that is appealing to them.