Common Home Bug Infestations

Bugs are a part of life, but sometimes it can seem like they actively plan invasions of houses. They can cause irreparable damage to a home, and carry diseases. There is a wide variety of insects that varies from region to region, but there are four common types that have an international tendency to infest homes.

Acting fast is the only way to kick the infestation before they take over your home. Once you discover signs of an invasion, act immediately to oust the pests. Here are the four most common types of bugs found in homes, and the basics on how to fight them.

Bed Bugs

These bugs are an absolute nightmare to get. They snack on you while you sleep and lay their disgusting eggs in your mattress. They are easy to contract, and can infest almost anywhere: offices, hotels, purses, luggage, stores, and more. Bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness; you can pick them up at the nicest hotels.

Bedbugs are very difficult to get rid, luckily there are precautions you can take to ensure your family doesn’t take a vacation, and come back with a few new friends.   When staying in hotels/motels you should always check your mattress before bringing your luggage into the room.  Here are the things to look for when searching for signs of bedbugs.

  1. Rusty or reddish (blood) stains on bed sheets or mattress
  2. Eggs and eggshells (very tiny and white in color)
  3. Skin castings
  4. Feces

If you locate evidence of bedbugs, DO NOT stay in that room.  The scary thing is if the bedbugs are in one room, they are most likely in another one as well.  Luckily many hotels have started covering their mattress and box springs with bedbug protectors, such as Protect a Bed Mattress Encasements.

If the room doesn’t have any signs of a bedbug infestation you should still NEVER leave your luggage lying on the floor.  Although they are called bedbugs they can hide anywhere, and they do!  Bedbugs like dark places to hide such as inside furniture, behind picture frames, and in electrical outlets.  And having your luggage on the floor is easy access for a bedbug that is waiting to catch a free ride!

Unfortunately, hotels aren’t the only place where these nasty bugs can catch a ride and begin to invade our homes.  Many people get bedbugs simply by having house guests that bring along a new friend that quickly begins to multiply and take over your home.  When dealing with bedbugs, Temprid SC Insecticide is the best choice to eliminate your problem.


It is always important to first identify which cockroach you are dealing with, then you can take the correct steps to eliminate the problem.  German Cockroaches are the most common, and most difficult problem to eliminate.  Make sure when using an insecticide, you always use with an Insect Growth Regulator.  This helps stop the population from reproducing, which they do very rapidly.   Call a professional Do It Yourself Store if you have any questions.


Termites can cause a lot of damage, as they eat through wood. They can cause expensive destruction that can go unnoticed for some time. The damage can manifest in weakened wood walls and foundations: the wood will give easily, or may sound hollow when tapped.

To get rid of termites, you can treat a local infestation with a variety of products. You can find one that is safe for your family and pets, should you have any.


An insecticide or ant gel bait may eradicate your ant problem.  Like all other insects, you will first want to correctly identify which ant has invaded your home.  Depending on the ant, depends on the treatment and steps you will need to take.  If you need assistance, you can always take a photo and send to  We can help identify and explain the steps and products necessary to eliminate your ant problem.

Bug infestations are a terrible thing to deal with, but knowing what you’re fighting, along with knowing how to fight them, is half the battle. Choosing the right tools can help you get rid of a terrible infestation quickly and safely.