Micro-encapsulated Cyzmic Lawn Pesticide Is Long-lasting!

Cyzmic lawn pesticide is a microencapsulated insecticide which means that a protective microscopic capsule encases each droplet of the insecticide. The thickness of the capsule wall varies to ensure the staggered release of the effective ingredients at regular intervals. This makes it a controlled release insecticide with longer lasting results for your pest control needs. Also known as Cyzmic CS, it is nearly identical to Demand CS except for the fact that Cyzmic CS is less expensive.

Cyzmic lawn pesticide is for use inside and around structures and buildings. When used indoors it may be reapplied at 21 day intervals.  There is little to no odor and won’t stain surfaces either. The easiest application method is to use a sprayer (pump or power operated). This product is an easy do-it-yourself control method that is actually known for not clogging the spray equipment. Simply fill the sprayer with water, add the recommended amount of pesticide for the insect that you are dealing with, shake well, and spray area you’re treating. Be sure to only use only the recommended amount of this insecticide.

The label includes instructions for applications, mixture recommendations, information about the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin, and more.  Made by Control Solutions Incorporated (CSI), this is a stage 3 insecticide which is effective against a wide variety of insects including the following:

• Termites           • Ants                  • Bedbugs            • Bees
• Crickets             • Earwigs           • Fleas                   • Flies
• Mosquitoes      • Silverfish       • Spiders               • Wasps
• Roaches             • Ticks

Cyzmic lawn pesticide is highly recommended and only positive reviews were found about this product, including several testimonials that it really does have a powerful knockdown effect. It is safe and easy to mix this pesticide with herbicides and fungicides: just use the built in measuring cup. Purchase of Cyzmic CS includes applicators which along with the built in measuring cup help reduce exposure to its active ingredient.  Be careful to store properly and keep out of reach of children and pets as with any chemicals.