Delta Dust Insecticide

Delta Dust insecticide is an easy, do-it-yourself insecticide that kills on contact.  It is effective on almost any insect, from the ones that crawl to the ones that fly. Apply to any cracks, or areas that the insects use for entry, and in crevices using a dusting cloth or a powder duster like the JT Eaton Puffer Duster, and that is just about all there is to the application indoors. When you apply it to the nests of annoying flying insects, be sure to use an appropriate injector and to follow the directions. Unlike other ant control products, Delta Dust ant poison is great for even the pantry. And it works for use on roaches and sugar ants that like to get into foods. No matter where it is applied, be sure there aren’t any breezes or anything else that might blow the dust.

Either of these products is great for outdoor use, as well as indoor use. A great example of outdoor use is when it is applied to mounds in your yard. These mounds destroy yards and landscaping, not to mention they are no fun to step in. The product should be poured liberally over the top of the mound and then lightly sprinkled with water to help it seep deep into the tunnels where it can kill the pests.

These products are highly recommended by many who have used them. They have proven to be as effective as hiring a professional when it comes to taking care of infestations, both in and out of the house. It is very cost effective as well, making it an even more appealing method of pest eradication. The experts at your local do-it-yourself pest control store will be able to help you decide if this is the right pesticide for your pest control problem. They’ll also be able to help you with rodent control, errant bee hives, flea control, and even roach control.