Contrac Blox Rat Poison

Let Contrac Blox be your first line of defense whenever you are dealing with a rodent control issue. Contrac Blox Rat Poison is a sure fire way to rid your home of these nasty pests. Rodents like to live where we live as they have a warm shelter and plenty of food, so we are bound to encounter them at some point. We basically provide their food supply, so keeping that food supply in short demand and using the proper pest control will help eliminate that problem.

This poison can be used with Protecta Rat Bait Stations, or alone. They are made to have multiple, chewable corners, which is what these pests prefer. It also has a hole in the middle so you can nail them to your ceiling, in the attic truss or in the rafters. They are also small enough to fit into tight places. However, don’t let the size of them fool you, they have enough poison in them to kill the pest in one feeding. It is also a less lethal form of poison for pests that it is not targeting.

In conjunction with using this bait, there are other steps you can take to help eliminate and maintain a pest free home. Be sure to keep firewood away from the siding of your home, and elevated off the ground. Keep all of your shrubs and trees trimmed back and away from the house. Paying special attention to and branches that may be close to your roofline.  Keep all trash bagged up and in a garbage can, with the lid kept tight.  With a bit of attention, and of course the proper bait, you can get rid of this issue rather quickly.

Different areas around your home might require different methods of control. Your area do it yourself pesticide company is also a fount of information concerning the best products and treatments in your neighborhood for pest control: everything from flea control and roach control to bee hives and green pest control. Call them today.