Garden Bug Spray

Finding a good garden bug spray is a must have for any gardener. Whether you are a novice gardener or a seasoned green thumb, at some point you will encounter bugs that want to feast on what you are growing before you can harvest it. There are also some garden bugs that like to hide in the shadows of your garden, like centipedes. A garden bug spray that is broad based may fit your needs better than one that is bug specific. You will also want to choose between an earth friendly insecticide or a synthetic. Whichever one you choose, really is a personal choice. Both work very effectively, if used properly. One thing to remember is if you are choosing a lawn pest control product to use in your vegetable or fruit garden, be sure it is a spray that is approved to be used in such areas.

One garden bug you will probably encounter is the centipede. When you read the word centipede, doesn’t it make your skin crawl? You probably have a visual in your mind too, of these creepy crawlers. They like to hide out in your garden’s leaf debris, under stepping stones, or under mulch. Whether your issue is centipedes or aphids, you need to take action to eradicate these pests from your garden. Centipedes can be harmful to humans, and more so to small children and people that are allergic to bee stings.