Garden Bugs

The term garden bugs tends to be a broad term. If you are a gardener, you know that there are good bugs and bad bugs, to put it plainly. For someone new to gardening, yes, there are good bugs. These tend to be a variety of bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and even the praying mantis. These are welcome guests to almost any garden. The bad garden bugs would include a variety of beetles, aphids, various worms and mites, just to name a few.

Insects that live in the soil like slugs, white grubs, and mole crickets, can wreak havoc on the seeds you plant, or the roots of your plants. They will eat the seeds, leaving you with no vegetation, or eat the roots of new or established vegetation. If you find that you have these in your garden, apply some Bifen L/P to your soil to help get rid of them. Pest control is a necessity for healthy growth.

An example of sucking insects would be aphids, spider mites, and leaf hoppers. Spider control for plants is a must. These guys are equipped with mouths that will pierce the plant and then suck out juices and nutrients. You will most likely see these on your plants, but other signs that they are present is the plant will start to wilt and the leaves and stalks will become yellow. The plant growth can also be stunted or deformed. Using some Malathion 57% or Eco Exempt Ic2 in these instances will remove the pest and help with preventative care. 

It will be apparent if you have an issue with chewing insects. You will be able to visually see their destruction. The chewing varieties of insects cause the most amount of damage to plants, and can completely destroy them.You may wish to consider green pest control for your plant life.  This variety encompasses an array of beetles, worms, and caterpillars. They have the ability to chew all of the plant material and leave only the veins, giving the leaf a skeletal appearance. As soon as you see these bugs in your garden, apply some Mother Earth D to your garden to eliminate and prevent any further visits of this kind. Whichever garden bugs you are having a problem with, take action quickly if you want to save your plants.