Garden Insect Control

Having a bountiful garden of fruits and vegetables or a lush garden of annuals and perennials will require some sort of garden insect control. That may mean using a synthetic or earth friendly insecticide. You can also plant certain plants that will encourage beneficial insects into your garden. These beneficial insects will not only help your garden grow, but may also be the enemy of the harmful insect. A good example of that would be the Lady Beetle, or Lady Bug, it eats any aphids that may be attacking your garden. Good garden insect control will aid you in getting the most from your garden.

Some steps you can take with helping your soil ward off any unwanted inhabitants is keeping it properly watered and having good drainage. Applying some Dominion 2L to your soil will also help eliminate harmful mole crickets and multiple types of beetles. Properly pruning and trimming of your plants will also help with good plant growth. This will also help you keep an eye on your plants. You will quickly notice if the plant is in distress or not showing proper growth. These will be signs that it is under attack. You will also notice if there are any insects attacking your plants. Identifying what is attacking the plant will determine what you use. Using some Mother Earth Granule Scatter Bait will help with common ant control, slugs, and silverfish problems in your garden. Other common garden pests like aphids and red spider mites are well controlled by using Malathion 57% in and around your garden. Following these helpful steps will help you achieve the garden you desire.