Garden Pests

Garden pests prove to be a problem for many people when it comes to keeping a healthy garden.  While you do many things to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay, there are many other pests that take a little more effort to control.  There are those pesky mealy bugs that excrete honeydew, and that in turn attracts ants.  They are fuzzy in appearance and their size varies between 1/6 to ¼ inch in length.  They have a diet that consists mainly of juice that they suck out of plants. Their favorite meals are African Violets, Gardenia, Coleus, Begonia and Cactus.  They will attack other plants as well, so don’t let them fool you into thinking they stick within these specific groups of plants.  Ant control can be simple or difficult according to you and the methods that are chosen for control.

Another common pest is whiteflies, and they appear to look like miniature moths.  They have habits that consist of grouping together on the underside of leaves, as they suck the juices and nutrients out of the plants.  They seem to be attracted to Fushia, Nicotiana and Lantana.  Soil deficiency in either phosphorus or magnesium will increase the risk of these pests.

Spider Mites are another pest that suck plant juices. They like ivy and coffee plants.  They strive in warmer, sunnier, locations and they spread quickly in their reproduction scheme.  They make your plant leaves look dusty, before ultimately turning them yellow or bronze, and causing the leaves to drop from the plant. Spider control can be difficult to get a handle on.

Controlling garden pests can take a lot of time and energy, but if your garden is worth it, protect it. Insecticides are one of the most common treatment methods when it comes to controlling infestations. Checking with a professional in this field is the best bet when it comes to using an insecticide. If you choose to purchase a product at your local store, be sure to read all the guidelines and precautions listed on the label.