Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Onslaught Insecticide

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Eradicating and removing bed bugs can be a very frustrating thing for any homeowner or renter. It is a multitask process that includes several different options, but Onslaught Bed Bug Insecticide is the right choice if you intend to win the battle.  Getting rid of bed bugs will take effort and you will need to be thorough in your inspection and treatment.  You will also require a re-treatment in 10 to 14 days to make sure that you do not have any stragglers left handing around.

These pests can be very easy to miss because they are extremely tiny and can be found anywhere in your home, especially around your bed area. It is important to use a product that is made specifically for the treatment of this type of creature, and one sure fire way to kill and destroy these horrid, uninvited guests is to use Onslaught Bed Bug Insecticide. Using this product will greatly reduce, and eventually remove the problem from your home entirely.

This removal process can take time, but it is time well spent because you want to be certain that every possible thing is done correctly so you will have no more issues with these nasty pests. Here are some do it yourself pest control tips when it comes to these pesky critters. These steps require some attention, especially when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing infested rooms, including removing bed linens, curtains, blankets thrown over chairs, and cleaning carpets and baseboards. You need to inspect adjacent rooms to the ones that are infested.

They tend to travel around 30 feet to find a host, so keep that in mind when doing your inspection and deciding which rooms to thoroughly clean and disinfect. Continuous cleaning, sanitizing, and using Onslaught Bed Bug Insecticide will eventually eradicate them from your home.

If your home is severely infested, calling in a professional may be in order. They will be happy to give you tips on how to get rid of them, and also suggest the right product for you and your family. Just remember that perseverance is definitely the key in complete removal. You can do this yourself and save some money, but you might want to let the professionals take care of the problem.

Vacuuming is going to be a part of this removal process, once you have meticulously cleaned and sanitized all rooms that had signs of these bugs. Be sure to vacuum all surfaces and use the attachments in the corners, cracks, and crevices so you will be sure to remove all signs of these pests. While doing this step of your removal, using Onslaught Bed Bug Insecticide simultaneously will greatly improve this eradication and removal process.

Follow all directions on the label of this effective insecticide carefully, paying close attention to the areas that you should avoid applying it. Make sure it is safe for all pets and small children that you have in your household. An easy and light mist over the mattresses will be sufficient and allow the mattresses to dry before mattress pad.

Another step in the eradication process is to repair any cracks in the walls of your home, as well as spray with Onslaught Bed Bug Insecticide before the repairs, to be 100 percent positive you have covered all your bases for killing these pests.

Don’t forget your clothing. Be sure to bag up your clothes and move them to your laundry room to wash and sanitize in hot water. The reason for the bagging is it keeps the pests from dropping all around your home. They can hide almost anywhere, even your sneakers, so put them in your dryer for approximately 20 minutes and they will be killed.

Finally, throw away and bag or burn any magazines, books, or newspapers because these persistent pests will hide in the pages. It is not worth keeping them and risking having another infestation. Remember, perseverance is the key to ridding your home of bedbugs.

So when you are in this predicament with bed bugs and you are ready to get rid of them, Onslaught is the product of choice to control bed bugs.  Do not forget to  check out our bed bug section and also Gentrol and Gentrol Aerosol for an IGR which will give you an added layer of protection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for support and recommendations on your Bed Bug Control Issues.  Good Luck and Keep Us Posted.