Green Earth Natural Insecticides

Using natural insecticides is becoming a more popular form of do it yourself pest control. When dealing with many common pests, it is easier and can be safe to do it yourself. If you are simply wanting to keep the pests away and save a few dollars, then you should feel comfortable enough to do it yourself. Looking at some natural products that help rid your home or yard of two common pests will help you feel more prepared. When thinking about this area of home maintenance, many people that have pets or small children will often want to choose a more natural approach and use natural insecticides.

Depending on what area of the country you reside in, you have most likely encountered fire ants. Their scientific name is Solenopsis Invicta or Red Imported Fire Ant. If you have ever been bitten by one of these ants, you will not soon forget it. Their bite actually gives them the ability to hold their prey and then sting them while injecting their venom. They are not naturally aggressive, but tell that to the person that has stepped on their ant mound. If you are looking for a natural fire ant control option, try using Mother Earth D Pest Control Dust. It is a dust that contains diatomaceous earth, making it a wonderful, and natural way to rid your yard of fire ants.

Another common pest you may have a tendency to run into during a family barbeque are wasps and hornets. They do like sweet smelling things, so those ribs you have grilling just may attract some unwelcome guests. If that is the case, then using Mother Earth Wasp/Hornet Jet Spray will do just the trick. Be sure to stand at least six to ten feet away from the nest while using this product. These creatures can be aggressive when you spray the hive, so it would be best to spray the hives in the early morning or late evening when they are less active. Regardless of which natural insecticides you choose, make sure you follow the label directions to have the best results.