Home Pesticides

Whether you rent or own your own home, you have most likely invested in some form of home pesticides. There are many available and they come primarily in two forms, synthetic or earth friendly. Either one is highly effective if used correctly. Reading the labels will ensure that you use them where they will provide the maximum results, whether inside or outside your home. A green pest control is a must in most homes with small children and animals.

Two of the most common household pests are spiders and ants. There are only a few types of spiders that are harmful to humans, and they don’t typically carry disease. You may still wish to use some form of spider control. They can be very scary though, and no one really wants them around. Using some Eco Exempt WP X anyplace you have cobwebs would be a good line of defense against these guys. This will disrupt their home and discourage them from coming back. You can also use our Cobweb Duster Head, this will help you get rid of cobwebs.  You can buy the extension pole that goes with it for hard to reach cobwebs .

Ants are an annoyance to almost anyone, and they are never a pleasant sight to see in the kitchen or bathroom. Ant control is a necessary part of  living with out them in your home.  Removing whatever they are after and killing them quickly is always what one tries to do. Using the Eco Exempt D in this case will also help prevent them from coming back. You can also place some Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations where you see high ant activity to help get rid of them too. This works especially well if you can’t quite figure out just where they are coming from.