Indoor Pest Control Options

Indoor pest control issues can be a real pain. Since some pests can cause damage or carry disease, it isn’t something you want to ignore. You want to take action as soon as you see any evidence of these pests. As a lot insects and rodents are attracted to human food and food messes, you’ll want to be sure all of your food storage is airtight, and that all of the food waste is being properly disposed of. Since some  are attracted to the water in your home, you’ll want to check your house thoroughly to see if any sinks or faucets are drippy, and repair them as necessary.  If these things don’t solve your indoor pest control issues, you may need to move on to the next step and look into insecticides and rodenticides.

The treatments you decide on will depend on the critters you are seeing.  Ants will likely be treated with ant bait traps. These allow the ants to investigate the poison baited food in the trap, and then return with it to the colony, where other ants will eat it and die. If you’re dealing with a rodent control problem, you’ll probably be looking at some sort of trap, possibly a snap trap. These are spring loaded and designed to be baited with an attractive food. When the mouse or rat approaches the trap to eat the bait, the spring is released and the arm of the trap breaks the animal’s neck.

If you’re dealing with roaches or other bug control dilemmas, you might opt for a spray or dust.  Making the effort to take care of the problem as soon as you notice it will give you a good start on resolving your issues as quickly as you can. Pest control specialists can help you identify your pests and direct you toward the most effective products and treatments.