Insect Sprays

Insect sprays are just one weapon in your pest control arsenal. Beyond the nuisance and allergy factors, out of control insect populations can also carry dangerous diseases and supply bigger pests with food.

Depending on the particular pests you are battling and where, you may or may not choose to use insect sprays to solve your problem. Some sprays can effectively repel the critters while others exterminate them. Some are safe to use on plants and vegetables while others are not. Some are earth-friendly green pest control products while others are chemical.

Though some people think that all chemical insecticides are bad, that is because they have never lived in a time or place where many people died due to insect borne diseases; even the best technology can wreak havoc in the wrong hands. Always read the directions carefully and avoid spraying insect sprays directly in anyone’s eyes. Avoid inhaling or ingesting any of the insecticide. Though they may not kill you, they are toxic or you wouldn’t be using them!

When finished with them make sure you store them in a dry environment that doesn’t get too hot, and out of the reach of young children. Empty containers should be carefully washed out and disposed of. Do not reuse. Careless handling and disposal can harm you, wildlife, and the environment.

Many people think that you have to hire a professional to handle an infestation, however with the advice, quality products, and tools available at a do it yourself pest control company you can take care of your uninvited guests and save money besides.