Insecticides & Pesticides

Insecticides and pesticides are a big part of the world that we live in. We not only use it in our homes, offices, and gardens, they are used in many items we use every day. Farmers use them to protect their crops, which in turn helps them generate a larger harvest.

Many cotton farmers use a form of pesticides called genetically modified organisms or GMO, to protect their cotton crops from the cotton bollworm. A systemic use of insecticides would be used for vegetables or fruits. The farmer will plow the product into the ground before the crops or trees are planted. Then, as the plant grows, the insect product grows up in the plant and into its leaves, branches, and fruit. Vineyard farmers use a fungicide to protect their grape vines from disease. These are all examples of how these great products help make our plants and crops healthier.

Inside and outside of our homes, we use them for virtually the same reasons. Who enjoys waking up and walking into the kitchen in the morning, only to be greeted by a pack of marching ants enjoying the pie you made yesterday?  A quick shot of spray, followed by some gel baitswill be sure to do the trick. Maybe you have some snails nibbling on your prize begonias. Then you may opt to use a hose end sprayer with a repellent, a dust, or a wettable powder to form a barrier. There are different forms of insecticides and pesticides on the market. Looking at them closely will tell you which method is best for the problem you are trying to eliminate.