How To Use Insecticide Spray

Insecticide sprayis a convenient way to help ward off any pests that you don’t want roaming around your house. The one that you choose may depend on the pest problem you are having. However, most sprays are made with multiple chemicals that can treat an array of pests.

One of the conveniences of an insecticide spray is that it works almost on contact. You may have to leave the sprayed area alone to dry for it to be most effective, but they work fast. They are also very reliable and have a long shelf life, if stored properly and used properly. Make sure that when you purchase the product, you read the label thoroughly. It will tell you how to use the spray effectively and get the most out of the product. It will also tell you how it should be stored. Most sprays need to be stored in a cool, dry area that is well ventilated and away from direct sunlight. Most sprays that are currently on the store shelf are safe around pets and children, but you should still read the label to make sure.

Another great option to consider would be green alternatives. Most manufacturers are now offering sprays that use plant based repellents. These are friendlier to the environment, but may take a few more days to be fully effective.

Always remember to use proper precautions when handling insecticides. Two hazards when using a spray form is inhaling the spray, or having it penetrate the skin. Make sure to read the instructions for use before using the product to see if there is any protective wear they are advising you to use. And always make sure you have the phone number for your local poison control handy.