Just What You Need Rat Glue Traps & Trap

There are a variety of pest control methods, like rat glue traps, available to assist in eradicating a rodent infestation.  Several other options include baits, repellants and snares. These range from the simple snap trap, to the more humane cage style snare that allows you to release the rodent a safe distance from your home without harm.

Most rodents range in size from a few inches to as large as 10 inches.   Rodents have the ability to find their way into your home through any small crack or hole on their search for food and a place to start their family.  They will wreak havoc on your pantry, any accessible garbage, wiring, and furniture.  They tend to keep out of sight, yet leave evidence of their presence in the form of fecal droppings, nesting material, and shed fur. They can potentially transmit dangerous diseases to you and your pets through the food and water they come in contact with along the way. For this reason, it is utterly important to deal with any rat infestation as quickly as possible.

A rat glue trap consists of a strip of strong adhesive that has poured into a plastic or cardboard tray. When a rodent scurries across the glue panel, it will adhere to it enabling you to release it away from your home. Their instinct is to get free, so they often struggle and can die quickly, therefore they should be checked frequently to avoid any unnecessary odors. These snares should be placed along the regular travel routes to ensure their success.  These traps are available in an array of sizes.  They are chemical free and do not cause a mess within your home.  This makes them an ideal and affordable option for your rodent control needs.