Mice Poison Stops Them in Their Tracks!

Mice poison might be just the treatment you need for dealing with your mouse issue.  It is one of a number of different ways you can effectively treat a rodent control problem, and there are different reasons to use or avoid different products.  Mice poison can be very effective, attracting the mice to the poison, and then killing them after it’s ingested.  Despite its effectiveness, there are some reasons you might choose not to use this method and may want to explore your other options.   One reason is avoiding having the poison anywhere that children or pets could get a hold of it, though locking bait systems are one solution to protecting children and pets.  An option like a humane trap might be just as effective in catching the mice, without the added concern for it being a problem for someone else in the household, but it does have the added problem of where to release them that they won’t rush back in to either your home or a neighbors.

If you have no pets or kids, you might not have any objection to using the rodent control poison in the house, but you’ll still want to take care with its use.  Closely follow the directions included, and be sure to dispose of it properly when you’re finished with it.

The rodent poisons may differ depending on the brands, and there are different sizes and shapes.  Pellets are a fairly common option.  In addition to a difference in the look of the poison, there may be different active ingredients in each particular type as well.  Whether you choose a poison or some other type of rodent control, remember that you need to act quickly to minimize the damage they cause, as well as diseases that they carry. Check with an online pest control service for a comprehensive list of options. They will be able to advise you on the best methods and treatments for your situation as well as help you with any other pest control problems you may have such as lawn pest control, bee hives and bee control, roach control,or ant control difficulties.