Are Mice Your Problem?

Did you see something that looked like animal tracks, only they were inside your home?  Did you see evidence of rodents in the house, and are anxious to deal with the problem   Once you realize that you have a mice problem, you’re going to want to deal with it very quickly.  If you decide to ignore the problem and not deal with it, it’s nearly guaranteed to be a bigger problem before you know it.  If you deal with the rodent control problem as soon as it comes to your attention, you may be able to prevent some costly damage from these dirty pests.  You will need to deal with any rodents already in the home, as well as taking steps to prevent any more from coming in.

When it comes to deterring the mice from the house in the first place, you’ll want to be sure you’re dealing with your food appropriately.  Is leftover food being disposed of properly, and not left out to rot? Use lids for all trash cans and make sure they are on tightly.

Always begin at the beginning: clearing any debris near the building, and trying to find where they’re getting in. Look for any easy entrance for the mice. These are easy to miss since mice can squeeze through such small spaces, but you’ll at least want to address any gaps and holes you can see, perhaps filling them with either a spray foam or some mortar. Take some of these precautions and get your traps ready to win the battle with your rodent control problem.

For the rodents already inside the house, you’ll want to determine your solution for your mouse control dilemma.  What type of rodent control products do you want to use: live mouse traps, kill traps, mice poison, or natural rodent control?  Do you want to have to deal with seeing the mouse after its death?  Some of this might be dependent on your own philosophies, and some of it might be dependent on the other occupants of the house.  Once you decide what to use, you’ll need to decide about placement for the traps or poisons in a safe location, yet still in the path of the pests. Locking bait stations come in a variety of configurations to help with this.

If you have any problems eradicating your unwelcome residents, contact us, your online do it yourself pest control company. Regardless of your pest control problem, we will gladly help you decide which methods are best for your situation and can supply you with all the equipment for pest control you may need. Lawn pests, flea control, roach control, even snake and termite control need not be problems any more.