Is It Just a Mole Control Problem?

Having good mole control products will help you minimize the damage these pests can do to your lawn. However, are you sure it’s a mole issue you have? Moles do have some distinctive character traits that can help you distinguish them between other pests.

If you think the root of your pest control problem is a mole, here are two key things to look for.

  • One, what do the dirt mounds that you see in your lawn or garden look like?
    If they look like miniature volcanoes popping up, it’s a mole.
  • Are there surface tunnels running through the yard?
    You have a mole.

And you may not just have a mole problem.

There are other garden pests that use the wonderfully built mole tunnels to get around, like voles, weasels and gophers. You can see if the tunnel is active by stomping on the tunnel system and mounds. If there is new dirt by the next day, the tunnel is an active one.

These creatures are more active during warm months like late spring, early summer and fall. During the winter, they dig deeper into the ground for warmth. This can lead to sink holes and uneven soil during months that have more rain, especially during the spring.

Even though moles seem to cause vegetation to die, they are not eating the roots. They are, in fact, disturbing the dirt around the plant looking for earthworms and grubs to feast on. However, by disturbing the soil, they are displacing the nourishment that those plants, especially young ones, need to grow and survive.

Lawn pest control is important because these varmints are not the only ones that use the moles’ tunnel systems. Gophers, weasels and voles are notorious for using them and attacking the root system of vegetation. Either way, if there is evidence that you have a grub-loving rodent control problem, you need to get rid of the moles as fast as you can to preserve your lawn and garden.

Your friendly do it yourself pest control company can answer your questions, and supply you with pest control products the pros use so you can keep your garden beautiful!