Using Natural Pest Control Products

Using natural pest control doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just because it says that it is a natural pest control doesn’t mean that it is less effective either. Reading up on what some of the plant based earth friendly insecticides are will make you better informed and ready to tackle your pest control problem on your own.

Probably two areas of pest control people more commonly deal with are ants and cockroaches. Yes, I said cockroaches. People may not want to admit that they are dealing with such critters, but depending on where you live, they are as common as ants and spiders. One product that can help you eliminate your roach control problem is Exciter 6% Pyrethrin. It is a concentrate that you can spray just about anywhere you have found those creepy crawlers. Be sure to treat the corners and dark spaces, as that is where they love to hide. This product can also help rid you of any ant control problems you are having as well. Another broad based insecticide that can help with these issues and many other crawlers is BorActin Insecticide Powder.

Bed bugs are another creature that are unfortunately making a comeback. If you find that you have this pest issue, gather up all of your clothing, bedding, towels, and stuffed animals and wash them immediately in a full cycle of hot water. Then you will want to vacuum everywhere you found them extremely thoroughly. You will also want to look around your home and vacuum up any evidence they have left behind.