Natural Pesticide Tips

Do it yourself pest control doesn’t get any more earth friendly than using a natural pesticide. They are extremely effective when used properly. Using a natural pesticide is safer to use around your children and pets as well. Many of them are pest specific, meaning that they have a target pest and will not harm other beneficial insects.

How many times have you wanted to enjoy your backyard, but as soon as you step outside, you are inundated by swarms of mosquitoes. Depending on where you live, this is a real reality. There are many mosquito control products on the market, but if you are interested in using an earth friendly pesticide. Try using Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling Granules. Spread them over your lawn and around your home in the late morning and enjoy your mosquito free backyard that evening.

Sometimes flies seem to be another flying pest we have to deal with, not only outside, but also inside our homes. Try applying Eco Exempt Ic2 inside and outside your home. It is a concentrated spray you can use to help rid you of your fly issue. It will also help with mosquito control.

Remember that following the posted directions on labels for application of these products will insure their effectiveness against whatever flying pest control problems you are having.