Natural Rodent Control Is Good for You & the Earth

Who wants their countertops and shelves to be infected with diseased rodent droppings or invisible traces of germs that are harmful to yourself and your loved ones? Keeping your home free of rodents and their nasty excretions is important, and using a natural rodent control method is the choice that many people are making today. Using this type of control method is safe and keeps harmful chemicals and toxins away from your house and those who dwell in it, particularly children and pets. Many find safety in using natural methods, however there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that the rodents don’t come back.

The first step in rodent control is to check the perimeter around your home or office, removing any debris. Next, inside make sure that you clean all of the areas where you have seen evidece of rodents with a disinfect–wear gloves while cleaning the areas that may have come in contact with rodents and or their excretions. Rodents are omnivorous and they will eat anything, so keep your house crumb and trash free to make it less appealing. Also make sure that you seal all areas such as cracks and crevices that they may be able to access to get into your home. You don’t want them to re-enter after you begin your natural rodent control method which is best done with both repellents and live mouse traps.

After all areas are cleaned and sealed, then decide the type of repellent that you want to use. There are several natural repellents available on the market. Read the labels carefully and choose the product that targets your specific pest control problem. Take the precautions mentioned and rid your home of these unwanted guests. For those who are interested in using green pest control methods and products, don’t forget to ask at a reliable do it yourself pest control store. The experts there also know the effective natural alternatices available to you for everthing from spider control and ant control all the way to termite and roach control.