Using Organic Bug Spray On Garden Pest

Determining the reasons that you will find use for an organic bug spray in your household is a good way to start the process in getting rid of pests that are destroying your plants. The first step in pest control is establishing if you have an infestation, and of course what type of bugs you are dealing with. A good way to do this is to pay close attention to your plants.

Do you notice that the leaves of your plants are turning colors, and do you see an increase of ant activity? If this is the case, then you might have white flies infesting your plants. Look closely and see if you have a flurry of white insects rising up as you brush by the plant. These white flies are actually closer in relation to aphids than they are to actual flies. They can be easily taken care of with the use of an organic bug spray.

Have you seen an increase in the amount of pill bugs in your garden? If so, be sure to take action fast with a spray on these bugs. They move at night, so shine a flashlight in the area of your garden to see if they are crawling amongst your crops. These hungry bugs will attack your leaves and destroy your produce. If you happen to catch these bugs in action, immediately spray them with your organic bug spray and stop them in their tracks.

Is it ok to ignore a fungal problem? Or are you afraid that you may harm your plants with a pesticide? The short answer is no. It is not okay to ignore any fungus or discoloration of the leaves. Eventually the entire plant would be killed off, offering no fruit or flowers. Use a fungicide to protect your plants. This will keep the plant’s flowers and fruits healthy, and keep away pesky bugs that may feed on decomposing plants.