Organic Sprays

There is a wide variety of options when you are trying to choose the best type of organic spray. Aphids are small insects that feed off of the juices of plants. They can cause a great deal of damage to plants, especially if they are present in large numbers. The term aphid refers to a category of insect, and encompasses thousands of species of bugs. If an insect falls within the characteristics of this kind of bug, then it can be considered an aphid.

In conventional gardening and farming, aphids are usually dealt with by using a pesticide. The spray kills the aphids, but also may penetrate the plant and cause toxins to be released inside and throughout the plant. So, whoever consumes the plant receives those toxins as well. Many livestock consume plants, but so do people as well. People also consume the livestock who consume the plants. Pesticides also can reach water supplies through the ground and can cause harm to those who consume or use the water as well.

Organic gardening and farming call for other useful repellants to rid areas of aphids rather than the use of pesticides and other harmful chemical solutions. Using an organic spray can avoid the problem of tainting the plant and other humans or species that may consume the plant, and further harm them as well.

Organic spray is not nearly as harmful as pesticides, therefore it is easier to apply in desired amounts regularly without worrying about harming other wildlife around it. You do not have to worry if the plant that may be consumed by animals or humans is full of chemicals that will later harm them. You will not have to worry about other areas that may be affected by spraying the chemicals around it, such as rivers, stream, lakes, or other water supplies.

Organic spray can control just about every type of annoying bug, from beetles, mosquitoes, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, caterpillars, slugs, ticks, flies, horseflies, and silverfish. Certain types of sprays are used for different types of bugs in different areas. There are sprays that are available for indoor use, and some that are intended for outdoor use only. Almost any organic spray will be suitable for use around children and pets, but make sure that you check the label and are aware of the precautions that should be taken. This is a good idea whether the spray is organic or not. Some sprays are not harmful when applied, but can be harmful when consumed, so keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Finding an effective spray to rid your household of pesky bugs is sometimes an ongoing process. There are many products on the market that do not produce long term removal of bugs, and there are some that don’t even work on the spot. Using a spray that will give you immediate and long lasting results is crucial to keeping your family healthy and bug free. Finding an organic solution is an added plus to today’s society with everyone’s efforts to keep our Earth green.