Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Pest control for bed bugs is a serious matter, not at all like the silly rhyme we have all heard. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.   Many people grew up thinking that it was just some cute saying.  And even more thought it was just an urban legend, but this is not the case as they are making a comeback. They are real and they can be a menace to anyone who is unfortunate enough to have them invade their home.  They are visible if you are looking for them.  The adults are oval-shaped and are reddish-brown in color.  They are flat, so they can get into some very small spaces.  Pest control on bed bugs can certainly be a hassle, but only complete bed bug control will let you sleep peacefully through the night.

The Road to Bed Bug Control

To control insect infestations like bed bugs begins with pre-treating the room.  You cannot just walk into the room all gung-ho and start spraying everything down.  There is a precise method you must follow.  To insure that you get rid of all these pests effectively, you must prepare for the battle at hand.  Clean the room that you will be treating very thoroughly.  Place all personal items such as stuffed animals in a plastic bag for a few days.  By cleaning up all the clutter, it will make things easier in the future.  If you take apart your bed frame you will likely find more bugs hiding out.  If you can, try and turn over all the furniture and clean all the possible hiding spots.  You will have to take out all the drawers and the dresser and clean them carefully.  Lift up the box spring of your bed and shine a flashlight on it to find and expose any creatures that pest control for bed bugsmay be hiding there as well.

Next, block all possible entry ways that they can use to gain access to your room.  Use caulk to seal all cracks and holes around any plumbing.  Wash all clothing in the room in hot water to kill any infestations.  Now you will have to clean and scrub everything down very thoroughly with a stiff brush so that you knock loose any eggs that may be attached.  Use a vacuum with attachments to reach everywhere that you can in order to get rid of the eggs, and the bugs themselves.  Empty all contents of the vacuum into a plastic sealable bag and discard of it.  These are the first steps in pest control for bed bugs.

Now that you have done all the hard work, it is time to treat the room.  There are a few types of weapons that you can have in your bed bug control arsenal.  There are various dusts that you use, aerosol sprays, or any number of insecticides.  Although the dust form will last much longer, the aerosol can get into the smallest of cracks and hiding places.  It is preferred to use both.  Be sure to use the insecticides and aerosol on everything you see.  Spray the box spring, the mattress, your dresser and the drawers.  Any dark space you can think of needs to be treated as well. Effective pest control on bed begs can be accomplished by following the steps listed.

Do not neglect the perimeter of your room, especially the baseboards.  Do not forget inside your closet.  It is just as important to prevent them from returning as it is to kill them in the first place. For a comprehensive list of pesticides you can use for this job, seek out an online do it yourself pest control company and get started on your assault for the best advice and products of regaining control of your homes.