Pesticide Sprayer Keeps Bugs Away

Keeping a pesticide sprayer handy can certainly help you maintain your pest control sanity when planting and maintaining either a garden.  If you do not keep a close eye on your garden to make sure bugs stay away, they can virtually destroy your garden.  To help fight against these insects, there are many different options to choose from.  The most common and effective ways to do this is by using insecticides. Make sure whatever products you use are safe for the vegetables or plants you are trying to protect.  Pesticide sprayers are the most common method of application.  A periodic walk through your garden with one of these handy tools will help keep those annoyances away from your vegetation.

The most inexpensive and common product is called the hose-end sprayer.  As you have probably guessed, this type simply attaches to the end of your hose.  They are not very big in size, so you have to check them to make sure they are still spraying out chemicals.  The hose-end type is a simple design.  The solution mixes with the water when you turn the hose on.  The only problem with this is the fact that it is not very accurate.  You don’t know for sure how much pesticide is being mixed with the water, or when the solution is diluted to a point of ineffectiveness.

Compression sprayers are by far the better choice between these two.  Pump up the tank and walk through the garden and apply the mixture.  You can get under the leaves, which is where most pests like to call home.  You can control the pattern of the spray as well, making it either a mist, or a strong stream.

A power sprayer has the same features as the compression style, except that you do not have to manually pump the tank up.  Less stopping means you can cover more area in less time.  A pesticide sprayer will be helpful in keeping your garden pest free. The knowledgeable people at a do it yourself pest control company can help you choose the products and equipment for pest control that are right for you.