Phantom Bug Spray

Phantom Bug Spray is an effective all around aerosol insecticide that targets a long list of pests including ants, roaches, beetles, bed bugs spiders, and wasps. This product is thought by many to be essential for their eradication from your home due to its great success for over a decade in all types of pest control regimens, both in and around your home.

When treating areas with this insecticide, be sure to spray around and under the bed, also along the baseboards near the bed.  Be sure to target the inside of your closet, doors and frames, windows, and molding at the top and bottom of all rooms.  Spray under all pieces of furniture, as well as around them, to keep the list of predators at bay.  It is best to not apply directly to furniture or mattresses where you will be sitting or lying, just around and under it will be sufficient.  Any linens or fabrics that are associated with this furniture should be removed, laundered, sanitized, and dried at high temperatures to kill any larvae and adult pests hiding within.

Phantom Bug Spray is an all around bug control product that targets more than bed bugs, ants, and roaches, although these are the most common pests in the majority of homes today.  The active ingredients will cause the spray to stick to any surface that is sprayed, and although the bugs may not die right then, they will die as the spray dries and crystallizes on them.  A good policy is to read the directions and instructions of the insecticide label so you can be sure to have the utmost quality from the product.  Notice also, the safety precautions to be sure your small children and pets will be safe when treating your home with this, or any other product.  When using this product, you can be positive you are using one that has a high success rate of pest eradication.

Discussing the use of this bug control spray with your local Do It Yourself pest control company is always your best first step. The experts there know that most effective products to use whether in a food preparation area, home with small children or pets or even people with particular sensitivities. With their help, you can affordably and effectively manage your own roach control, termite control, lawn pest control and even green pest control with just the right products for your home or business.