Possum Traps

Possum traps are a necessity if you find that one or more of these critters has taken up residency in your home or yard. While they may move in rather easily, it may be a bit more difficult to remove them depending on the local regulations. Regardless, it is crucial to rid your property of these destructive animals as soon as they are discovered, and possum traps are a very effective way to make this happen.

Possums, which are related to the kangaroo, are the only marsupials in North America. They are a slow-moving animal that generally weighs less than 15 pounds. They have long, grey fur and a scaly tail and their average body length is between one and two feet long.  They only have a lifespan of 2 or 3 years and will produce a litter each year with roughly seven to twelve babies each time. These nocturnal omnivores scavenge for food and shelter at night and will eat almost anything, including fruits, insects, mammals and birds. These marsupials can be quite destructive. They naturally prefer to live in the cavities of trees, but will gravitate towards small, dark spaces such as your attic. Once they have nested in or around your home, they can become very territorial. Not only will they make substantial noise at night, but they can cause costly damage to your home and its surroundings, from the holes they dig in your yard seeking out bugs, to the unpleasant damage and odors they can cause to your ceiling when they defecate in their new home. The sooner they are detected and removed, the less threat there is to your home and family.

The first thing that you must do is basic pest control prevention. Begin by thoroughly cleaning up your yard seeking to remove all places of shelter, food, and water. Next you need to get the animal to vacate your home.  While there are a number of options, the technique you choose may be dependent on the local regulations regarding this species. In some areas they are considered protected, and the law prohibits the killing of them. It is important to research this before taking any lethal action. Alternatively, live catch possum traps are a more humane method.  This cage style trap should be set where it will be seen when the animal is navigating about after dark. It must be baited to lure the critter inside. Once it been caught, it is important to relocate them to a safe environment.  It will need to be several miles from your home as they are known for finding their way back to their nesting spot.

Following the success of a possum trap, steps must be taken to prevent your property from being a welcoming location for them to call home. This includes removing any enticing garbage and food lying about, both in and around your home. In addition, it is important to eliminate possible areas that could be used as shelter.  Seal off any potential entry points into your home, and keep the exterior of your house well-lit as they tend to gravitate toward dark areas. Other critter repellents that can be used as a follow-up treatment or in combination with the possum traps include ammonia, mothballs, pet hair, and predator urine. As with any unwanted pests, it is important to stay vigilant and thorough when attempting to eradicate them.

A do it yourself pest control company will be able to help you decide upon an effective method of deterrence and trapping if necessary. They'll also be able to help you with any other pest control problems you may have including termite control, removal of bee hives, or lawn pest control.