Possum Traps End Possum Problems

Possum traps become a necessary tool when these critters have found their way into your home or yard. Once they have settled in, their territorial nature and damaging behaviors can be costly if not removed immediately. It is crucial to stay vigilant with the pest control techniques you choose until they are gone for good.

They are the only marsupial in North America and have light gray fur and a long tail, which adds to their typical length of one to two feet and a weight of less than 15 pounds. These slow moving, nocturnal creatures generally live only two to three years and produce at least one litter annually. They are known for eating just about anything, which can range from fruits and grass, to mammals and birds. While they prefer to nest in the cavity of a tree, they will also settle into other dark locations, such as your roof space. This choice can lead to loud noises in your home after dark, as well as substantial damage to your yard and house itself.  The sooner they are removed the less damage you’ll find yourself up against.

The most basic pest control always begins with clean up and sealing your home or building so the pests can’t get in. Garbage and food should be cleared, possible shelters and entry points should be removed or sealed up, and your home’s exterior should be well-lit.

Then you must remove the animals from your property. While many areas prohibit the killing of these animals, a live catch possum trap can be used to relocate the animal fairly quickly. Due to their eating habits, any type of edible bait can be placed in the cage to lure the animal inside. Once caught, they can be relocated to a safe location, at least a few miles from your home to minimize their attempt to return. Regular yard work and cleanliness will help prevent  further pest infestations.

Critter repellents such as ammonia, mothballs, and predator urine can also be used to discourage them from entering your property. Possum traps can be quite effective when used properly and in combination with other pest control methods. The staff at do it yourself pest control services are founts of wisdom when battling marsupials or other pests. They can help you with information and everything you need to maintain rodent control, roach control, or even termite control.