Precor Flea Spray

Precor Flea Spray is an effective tool in the fight against a flea infestation as part of your flea control treatment program. These pests are an external parasite that is capable of transmitting disease, feeds on the blood of mammals, and lay batches of up to 20 eggs, making them multiply rather quickly. They start their life as an egg and then transform into larvae, then pupa, and lastly imago (adult). Their bodies are flat and have evolved to make moving through hair on a host easy. They are extremely tiny, but you can see them easily on light colored fabrics. Their legs are designed for jumping, and they are able to jump between seven and thirteen inches.

These pests can quickly infest your couches, beds, and carpets, especially if there is a pet in the home. Precor Flea Spray is an effective insecticide that will kill the fleas, eggs, larvae, and ticks, and it is easy to use. It will provide protection from these menaces for 210 days, and one can is effective in treating a 2000 square foot area. To apply, simply aim the can upside down a few feet from infested areas and spray in a sweeping motion. Be sure to treat furniture, rugs, and areas that your pets sleep. Do not overdo it with the spray, as surfaces should only be slightly damp when you are finished treating them. If you still notice fleas after the first application, repeat the process fourteen days after the initial flea control treatment.

The bites affect people differently, depending on their sensitivity to the salivary secretions that cause the irritation. They can cause allergies, ringworm, anemia, and many other diseases. If you have been bit you probably won’t even realize it until after the fact when an itchy red raised bump appears at the site. Bites are most commonly found on the feet and lower legs. If you have an infestation be sure to wash your linens, clean your home, and treat your pets to help eliminate the problem, remember they are tiny and can get into just about anything. It is best to treat with Precor Flea Spray first, and then follow up by cleaning these areas after you have treated the infested area to ensure that they are completely gone.

Please see our webpage for a complete do it yourself flea treatment.