Rat Bait Stations Protect Children from Bait

Using rat bait stations is a wise choice if you are unsure of where your rodent problem is at in your dwelling and are uncomfortable with spraying and using bait to catch them left out in the open. The best method is often a combination of rodent control products.

Rat bait stations are protected areas that do well indoors and outdoors as well. They are a good way to keep your bait safe and away from species that the bait could potentially harm. For example if you feel uneasy leaving a trap lying around that a pet, child or any other form of wildlife may come in contact with, then choosing to use a locking station is a good method for rodent control.

These stations are a good shelter for your bait. They keep them free from dust and or moisture. It is easier to fill them and monitor how much bait you are actually using. The rodents also are more easily caught, because they feel safe because of the sheltered area, unlike being out in the open.

Choosing the type of station for your type of environment is crucial. You need a weather resistant type of station if you will be placing them outdoors. Depending on your climate will also determine the color and make of you station. Warmer climates need lighter colors and colder climates need freeze resistant plastic, or aluminum types of stations. It’s also a good idea to decide on the type of bait you are using depending on if the weather is dry or humid.

Choosing to use a bait station is an effective and easy method both indoors and out. Safe and reusable, they are a very popular choice for many. Do it yourself pest control companies provide you with professional quality products as well as invaluable advice and hints!