Rat Control Best Done Before an Invasion

Rat control is best established with a combination of methods in your house or dwelling. The first step in rat control begins before you buy anything. You must first take care of maintenance both inside and outside of your home. It is imperative to keep garbage and other rotting items under control and out of the rats’ reach. Do not create habitats for these creatures. A clean yard and flowerbeds will keep them from taking shelter in your yard. Make sure that you keep debris and wood stacks clear of your yard as well. You should use proper sanitation methods and make sure that you clean your house on a regular basis. Rats are attracted to old, unattended food from both humans and pets. If you have a garden or fruit trees, they can live on the ground fall.

Next, before baiting or trapping your house, make sure that your house is rat proofed. Fill all cracks or holes and cover any drains that may lead inside to your house as well. Key rodent control is preventing them from entering or leaving first, and then destroying them.

After you have taken care of good housekeeping methods, then you can decide which rat control method is best for your home. Do it yourself pest control services can help you decide on the best methods and supply you with professional caliber products. You can choose from various rat traps such as snap, glue, and chemical. Snap and glue traps are widely used in many homes because they are inexpensive and very effective. They can be put in various places and be baited by you. Well informed and with the proper equipment and pest control products, you will be able to safely get rid of your unwelcome visitors as quickly as possible.