Rat Control

When choosing a form of rat control it is important to understand that rats live in colonies and breed fairly quickly. There are also two types of rats that are common problems in North America: the roof rat and the Norway rat.

The other option one must weigh when deciding how to exterminate a rat problem is if you want to use a non-chemical method or a chemical method.  The non-chemical methods include things like glue traps, snap traps, and humane live traps. The chemical methods include but are not limited to poison (such as pellets) and bait stations. Green pest control may be a way to go considering household pets and small children if they are around your home.

One must understand that once you see one rat, the likelihood that there are many more where it came from is very high. If you have pets and kids that is something that you need to consider in choosing a form of rodent control as well. You are trying to protect them after all, and some poisons are not the best choice depending on the situation, although they work quite well.

Some of the non-poison methods might be better for you if you have children and pets. There are snap traps that catch and kill the rodent, ending your problem with that particular rat in a hurry. Some other methods such as glue traps and live traps can be considered catch and release methods. Just remember, though, releasing them outside near your home just means they’ll soon be back with friends. Good manners says you have to take them to a wooded place at least 500 yards from any of your neighbors’ homes to release them. Bait stations are great for households of all types since they are enclosed and you can even get even them disguised as rocks.

No matter which form of rat control you decide on, just know that having a pet itself is by no means a form of pest control. A pet may catch a rodent here and there, but there are definitely more where they came from. Choose a method that works out best for your particular situation. It is wise to contact your local do it yourself  pest control company to learn more about your infestation and the best way to handle it. They will be able to advise you on which choice will be best for you. Best of all, they can help you with all your pest problems with bed bugs to  with effective flea control, bed bugs to flies offering the best roach control, spider and termitecontrol as well as flea control products for your home and pets.