The Rodent Pest & Rodent Proofing

Unlike any other household problems, a rodent pest invasion may be one of the most disconcerting problems you might face.  It is extremely frustrating and downright depressing when these pesky critters invade your home, especially when the infestation is a large one.  One of the most common reasons for rodents entering a home is accessibility, so “rodent proofing” your home is crucial, and it should be first course of action on your list.

Rodent control necessitates eliminating all their entrance points, no matter how daunting the task may seem. Some of these points include exterior cracks or holes, power and cable lines openings, plumbing pipes, and spaces in your eaves.  Remember that it only takes a ¼” opening for rats and mice to come into your home.

This exclusion process of eradicating rodent pests begins with a thorough inspection.  Looking for droppings, tracking, and signs of gnawing on furniture, wiring, or wood piles will give you a tell-tale sign that rodents are in the vicinity. Common access points that should be carefully inspected include the following:
•    roof vents                             •    chimneys
•    garage doors                        •    warped siding
•    window screens                   •    electrical conduit
•    foundation cracks.

Once all the entry points have been located, you need to secure them by filling them in with steel wool. If even one rodent pest can gain access to your home or office, more are sure to follow.

Once you have secured the house, you need to set out your poison or your traps. Locking rodent bait stations give you and non-rodents added protection from the rodenticides in them. A do it yourself pest control company can help you place them for maximum effect against the rodents while keeping them out the way of children and pets.

Diligence, good information, and professional caliber pest control products will soon have you celebrating victory.