Rodent Traps Can Prevent Big Problems

rodent trapsHaving an ample supply of rodent traps is a necessity whether it is for the office or for the home.   Prompt action can prevent major infestations. At some point, you will encounter a furry creature wanting to devour or destroy your property.   It may be a pesky gopher in your garden, or a mouse rummaging through your pantry. Either way, having traps on hand will give you the upper hand in maintaining rodent control.

Used most frequently for rats and mice, the term rodent also includes chipmunks, squirrels, beavers, and moles. These mammals have two incisor teeth on the upper and lower jaws that continuously grow because of the animals’ constant gnawing on food and other materials. These teeth are also used for defending themselves. Many of the larger rodents are lawn pests, while the smaller varieties seem to prefer the warmth and easy living found in your home or office.

If you’ve ever had a gopher, you know just how destructive and elusive they can be. Not only can they tear apart your vegetation, but also gnaw through your sprinkler system. The Snap-E Rat Trap works extremely well on rats, chipmunks, squirrels and gophers as well.  The T Rex Rat Trap is a chemical free way of getting rid of common rodents. Tin Cat Multi Mouse Catchers are popular for the little pests. Keeping a few of these rodent traps on hand is an important part of your defense against garden pests, and an integral portion of a sound rat control program.

You may think that your home is secure against such rodents invading it, however if it is cold enough outside, they will find a way to get in. One of their tried and true ways to get in is through your exterior pipes.  They will travel along the pipe system until they reach their destination. Many rodent traps come equipped with straps so you can place it directly onto any piping or beam in the rodent’s pathway.

No matter what your pest control problem is, do it yourself pest control experts know the most effective products to use and can answer all of your questions.