Safari Insecticide Goes a-Hunting in Your Garden

Safari Insecticide: Like its name seems to indicate, this is one of the best garden insecticides available for homeowners who want a comprehensive do it yourself pest control product. It is also available for use by arborists and landscape managers. It is a broad spectrum insecticide that can offer pest control for trees and shrubs, as well as ornamental plants. This is a systemic type of insecticide, meaning that the plant absorbs it through its root system. It is then carried throughout the plant and into the vegetation. If an insect decides that it wants to take a nibble for lunch, it is quickly eliminated, thus preventing further damage to the plant.

Safe to use on trees, mature or young, shrubs and ornamentals, this pesticide is not only useful outdoors. This is also safe to use on indoor houseplants. It protects against Adelgid, Borers, Aphids, Scale, Mealybug, White-fly, Leaf-miner, and many more pests.

There are two different ways to apply this, either using a foliar spray, or applying it directly to the soil. Depending on what type of vegetation you are using this on will make the biggest difference on which application you choose to use. If you choose to use it in the soil, you can do so by soil injection, soil drench, using dry granules, or by using a chemigation system. If you are using a foliar bug spray for the application, be sure to use it either early or late in the day.  Also, make sure that you completely cover the underside of the plants vegetation. The insecticide will last for many months, depending on the application and vegetation it is used on. You should also be able to notice an increase in pest control shortly after the first application. In most cases, only one treatment of Safari Insecticide is necessary for combating garden pests.