Safely Applying Pesticides

If you have tried all other options available to get rid of and repel pests, using insecticides is more than likely your last option. Each insecticide is different; therefore it is crucial to know how to be safe while applying insecticides. The level of toxicity for each insecticide varies depending on which pest you want and need to get rid of and where it is you are going to be using it. Always know before you buy a product that it is the correct product you need. If you are unsure, you can always ask an expert such as an exterminator who will know the answers to your questions.

If you want to know the basics of how to be safe while applying insecticides, your first step is to read the label of the insecticide and follow all directions carefully. Do not merely skim over the information that is provided; there is a reason why the manufacturer included all the information on the front and back of the product. Some of the information may seem pointless to you, but each sentence and word is important. If you do not follow the directions exactly directed you could risk harming yourself or running into a few problems.

Your next step in how to be safe while applying insecticides is to wear the necessary clothes and accessories. Most insecticides will tell you exactly what you need. If it says to wear two pairs of clothes, long sleeves, gloves, an eye mask or even a respirator while applying, do it. The minimum amount of clothing you should wear when applying insecticide is pants, a long sleeve shirt, gloves, socks, tennis shoes and a mask to cover your eyes; make sure that you wear these clothes to ensure that you are properly safe and covered.

Once you are fully dressed in the proper attire, there are still many other ways in which you need to know how to be safe while applying insecticides. When applying an insecticide, never exceed the maximum amount of insecticide that can be used on a single day. Also, never apply insecticides inside of the house if it is meant for outside use only. Do not apply sprays or mists inside a tent or any closed areas; sprays and mists are meant to be used in open, airy areas where they will not be able to harm or damage a person’s skin, lungs or cause any sort of irritation.

The last step in knowing how to be safe while applying insecticides is to always use caution when applying these chemicals. Make sure every area you are applying the product is out of the reach of children. You also need to store these chemicals in a safe place, such as your garage or a shed. Always label each product if it does not have a label and take precautions when moving products around that do not contain a label. Store these products at the room temperature that is specified on the product label and remember that most of these products do have a shelf life.