Snake Repellent

Snake RepellentHaving a snake repellent as part of your repellent supplies is a necessity if you live in an area that is prone to having these pests. Luckily, there are a variety of snake repellents available to the consumer; they do not need to contain poisons either.  There are even green pest control versions to control your snake problem that will offer the same warranty towards ridding your home or business of these unwanted reptiles, while being less harmful to the environment.

While there are many people that treasure snakes as pets and invite such creatures to their home, chances are, if you are reading this, that description does not fit you. Out of all the pests that you may encounter, snakes are often the most terrifying to many people. Most people are eager to rid their yard, home, or business of these slithering pests, poisonous or not. Who can ever remember if its red and black or red and yellow that’s safe when the snake is slithering by? One good thing to know is that most snakes are not venomous.  Their venom is not usually lethal to humans, or household pets.

If you encounter a snake, it is always wise to be careful. There are businesses that will come and remove your snake for a minimal fee. You can also call your local herpetological group and find that many times they will remove the snake for free.

Whether or not you have had the snake removed, you will want to make certain that none come back. Some snake repellents are non-invasive, and earth friendly.  Many do not kill or harm the snake; instead they will repel snakes from entering the area. These products work well on a variety of species such as garter and rattlesnakes.  When using a repellent, spray the outlying perimeter of the area you want to protect.  It does have an odor which targets the reptile’s sensory system.  When the odor fades, you will want to reapply it to the perimeter.

Other all natural snake repellents are for outside use only and these work well when applied in, on or around rock areas, wood piles, any crawlspaces, as well as cracks in your homes foundation. You would want to apply this type of product every two to three weeks, depending on how severe your snake infestation is.

In addition to repellents there are other pest control measures you can use to reduce the population of snakes in your vicinity. By incorporating some of these measures, you will find that they eliminate other common pests like rodents and spiders as well; they are often the reason the snakes are there. Tidying up or completely eliminating wood or debris piles will also help to eliminate any spider and rodent control problems before they happen. Wood and rock piles need to be stacked properly, keeping them away from any structure. As you look around the exterior of your home, take proper steps to ensure that any cracks in the foundation are filled, and that any torn screens that give snakes and other pests access are promptly repaired.

A do it yourself pest control company is also a great source of information and pest control products for everything from mosquito control to termite control as well as rodent control.

By the way, the adage referred to above was this one: “Red and yellow kills a fellow. Red and black is safe for Jack.”