Use Snake Repellent BEFORE You Need It!

If you wait until you need a good snake repellent, it’s too late! Those who live in areas that have large snake populations should use snake repellent as religiously as they use sunblock. There are steps that you can take to make your home less desirable for these gliding menaces to inhabit, but nothing beats a good snake repellent.

Easy Steps to Begin Repelling Snakes

  • Some things you can do to prevent slithering visitors begin with keeping your lawns trimmed.  Snakes love to wait in the cool grass while they search for their prey. Also keep any landscaping vegetation around your home or office trimmed and well maintained.
  • Keep any wood on your property stored correctly. Wood piles should be away from any structure, neatly stacked and stored up off the ground.
  • Check around the perimeter of your home to determine if there any cracks in your foundation.   Make proper repairs to any holes or tears in any screens that cover entrances to crawlspaces under your home or deck.

By doing these simple tasks, you can make your home or business less attractive to unwanted snakes. This will also aid in maintaining rodent control as well as insect and roach control around your property. By getting rid of the snake’s food sources, they will glide elsewhere looking for food.

The Final Step to Successful Snake Control: Snake Repellent

Today’s snake repellents are very effective.  They will not kill the snake, but will deter them from your home or garden by giving off a pungent scent. Snake repellent should only be used outdoors and will need to be reapplied every two to three weeks until the infestation is eliminated. It works efficiently and effectively on wood piles, rocks, crawlspaces and those cracks you may find in your foundation that have not yet been repaired. Following the above steps will aid in ridding your property of any snakes and help deter them from ever coming back.

A do it yourself pest control company can help you solve all your pest control crises  including wayward bee hives, and more. Call today and see how they can help you take control once and for all!