Southlake, Texas: A Recent Outbreak of West Nile Virus


In Southlake, Texas, mosquito samples were tested as being positive for West Nile virus. After determining the status of these samples, the city of Southlake informed its residents of the potential danger.

The West Nile virus can cause a series of health risks in particular cases. Febrile illness is among one of the symptoms. One out of five people who develop the West Nile virus develop a fever with other symptoms. These include headaches, body pains, vomiting, and body aches. Although it is possible for people infected with this disease to recover quickly, fatigue and weakness can last for months.  

There are severe cases of the West Nile virus, which affects less than 1% of people. It is possible for some people to develop encephalitis or meningitis. Some neurological factors are included, such as disorientation, coma, tremors, seizures, or paralysis.

To prevent any future outbursts, the city of Southlake plans to spray the affected areas.

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