Spider Mites Can Be A Plant Nuisance

Spider mites can become a huge nuisance to your flowers and plants. They are fast acting critters that go unnoticed until they have begun to kill their victim, the plant. Many people do not see the spider mites until the plant starts to turn yellow. With good spider mite control you can save your plants from a lot of harm.

The spider mite is so tiny that it is about the size of a pinhead. To find these arachnids is a delicate process. You can either frequently check under the leaves of your plant for the silky, fine webbing that they produce, or look for the actual mite itself. Sometimes by the time they have produced a lot of the webbing and its noticeable, then the plant is already heavily infested with the spider mites. Often people will mistake the webs for dirt on the plant. By then it is too late and the plant may not survive, or the growth will be stunted.

If you find that a plant is infested with spider mites, treat your plants as quickly as possible. The mites sometimes leave eggs behind, so it is important to make sure that they are entirely gone and are not transferring themselves to other parts of the plant or garden.
There are many different sprays that will get rid of spider mites. Make sure that you read the pesticide that you have chosen to take care of your problem and make sure that it has a miticide in the formula. If not, then the pesticide will rid your plant of other insects, but the spider mites will remain. It must contain a miticide in order to be a good spider mites control solution.